Surveys of NT Introduction in Theologische Rundschau

As I was preparing a recent contribution on F C Baur and the theological significance of NT Introduction, I found extremely valuable a series of review articles in Theologische Rundschau over the past hundred years or so: Rudolf Bultmann, “Neues Testament. Einleitung,” TRu 17 (1914): 41-46; 79-90; 125-30; Philipp Vielhauer, “Einleitung in das Neue Testament,” TRu 31 (1966): 97–155; 193–231; 42 (1977): 175-210; Jürgen Roloff, “Neutestamentliche Einleitungswissenschaft: Tendenzen und Entwicklungen,” TRu 55 (1990): 385–423; Friedrich Wilhelm Horn, “Einleitung in das Neue Testament. Tendenzen und Entwicklungen,” TRu 68 (2003): 45–79; 129–50.

I’m now delighted to learn, via Torsten Jantsch, of the most recent article in this distinguished line of contributions: Friedrich Wilhelm Horn, “Einleitung in das Neue Testament 2001-2011,” TRu 79 no. 3 (2014): 294–327. A very useful way to stay on top of current trends and chart the changing face of the discipline.


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