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A Renaissance in the Study of F C Baur?

While the great Tübingen theologian, Ferdinand Christian Baur, has always featured in the distant background of Forschungsgeschichten and footnotes, there have been some periods in which he himself has become the object of more sustained study. In the mid-20th century there were a number of monographs on him, notably following the period of dialectical theology when questions about the relationship between theology and history were sharply posed. With all the questioning of historical criticism and its adequacy these days, we are again in a period when such questions are live, and it’s intriguing to note that we are again seeing an upsurge of interest in Baur. As I have noted elsewhere, Johannes Zachhuber’s recent Theology as Science in Nineteenth-Century Germany: From F. C. Baur to Ernst Troeltsch makes Baur one starting point for considering the debate about the Wissenschaft of theology. This month should see the appearance of two more important books on Baur: Peter Hodgson and Robert Brown’s translation of Baur’s History of Christian Dogma from OUP, and an important collection of essays in German and English on Ferdinand Christian Baur und die Geschichte des frühen Christentums / Ferdinand Christian Baur and the History of Early Christianity from Mohr Siebeck. Moreover, Hodgson and Brown are also at work on a translation of Baur’s Vorlesungen über die neutestamentliche Theologie, and there are plans for a translation of his essay on the Christ-party at Corinth. To speak of a minor Baurian renaissance might not be too strong! 



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