A Missing Translation of F. C. Baur

I have previously called attention to overlooked (partial) translations of Baur in American periodical literature in his own lifetime. I recently came across another planned translation, this time of Baur’s essay comparing Plato and Jesus, but one that apparently never came to fruition. On pp. 258-59 of the American Biblical Repository for January 1839, we find notice that ‘A volume of Selections from the German will be published early in the ensuing Spring, translated by Profs. Edwards and Park of Andover.’ Among the principal contents is listed ‘IV. Comparison of Platonism with Christianity by Prof. Baur of Tübingen’. When the book was published, however, later in 1839, we find Baur lacking (together with some of the other proposed contributions). On page 8 there is a footnote that reads: ‘We may here mention that another volume is in the course of translation which will be entirely devoted to Plato and Aristotle. It will include the Life of Aristotle by Dr. A. Stahr of Halle, and a Comparison of Platonism with Christianity by Prof. Baur of Tübingen. It will also contain an estimate of the character of both these philosophers, with illustrations from the recent commentators upon their writings’. (One paragraph is translated on p. 386). Unfortunately, so far as I can see, such a volume was never published. It’s a pity. But is there languishing in some Massachusetts library an unpublished translation of Baur?

UPDATE: if it were ever completed, and still extant, any translation would probably be among the Park Family papers at Yale. Any adventurous soul in New Haven care to have a snoop around? If I were using those archives, incidentally, I’d be curious about this listing for Box 7: ‘Schleiermacher, Friedrich Ernst Daniel (1768-1834). Notes and a sermon, written in German, unsigned (see box 10, folder 121, v. 5, p. 22). Has this been published and is it widely known? Maybe so, but still interesting…


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