Tcherikover: collected essays?

Larry Hurtado has a nice post calling attention to the significance of Victor Tcherikover’s papyrological work for the understanding of the ‘re-hebraization’ of early Judaism in the early centuries of the common era. Reading it reminded me of an idea I once had to collect Tcherikover’s shorter works into a collected volume, analogous to the two-volume Brill set of the great historian Elias Bickerman’s short works.

I didn’t get very far in the process, in part because one would face the thorny issue of permissions, and I’m unsure who holds the posthumous copyrights as Tcherikover’s literary executor (though one could presumably find this with a bit of correspondence). But I think that if one could overcome  the legal obstacles, a nice volume could be made, including the essays below (in fact, at one point I photocopied the English studies and would happily send these along to anyone who were seriously interested in doing the project):

Studies in Jewish History and Papyrology

Victor A. Tcherikover

1. “Palestine under the Ptolemies (A Contribution to the Study of the Zenon Papyri)” Mizraim 4-5 (1937): 9-90.

2. With F. M. Heichelheim. “Jewish Religious Influence in the Adler Papyri?” Harvard Theological Review 35 (1942): 25-44.

3. “Syntaxis and Laographia” Journal of Juristic Papyrology 4 (1950): 179-207.

4. “The Sambathions” Scripta Hierosolymitana 1 (1954): 78-98.

5. “Jewish Apologetic Literature Reconsidered,” Eos 48 (1956): 169-93.

6. “Prolegomena.” Pages 1-111 in volume 1 of Corpus Papyrorum Judaicarum. Edited by Victor A. Tcherikover and Alexander Fuks. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press (on behalf of the Magnes Press), 1957.

7. “The Ideology of the Letter of Aristeas.” Harvard Theological Review 51 (1958): 59-85.

8. “The Third Book of Maccabees as a Historical Source of Augustus’ Time” Scripta Hierosolymitana 7 (1961): 1-25.

9. “The Decline of the Jewish Diaspora in Egypt in the Roman Period.” Journal of Jewish Studies 14 (1963): 1-32.

10. “Was Jerusalem a ‘Polis’?” Israel Exploration Journal 14 no. 1-2 (1964): 61-78.

Approximately 385 pp.

In addition, there are several Hebrew studies that would be worth including, if a translator could be found:

The Jews in the Graeco-Roman World (Jerusalem, 1961) [Hebrew]. This, I believe, is a collection of Hebrew studies that may include those listed below, among others.

“Antiochia in Jerusalem,” Tarbiz 20 (1950) [Hebrew].

“The History of the Jews of Fayûm in the Hellenistic Period.” Magnes Jubilee Volume (1938) [Hebrew].

“The Documents in the Second Book of the Maccabees,” Tarbiz 1 (1930) [Hebrew].

“Palestine in the Light of the Zenon Papyri,” Tarbiz 4 (1933) [Hebrew].

“History of Jerusalem in the Time of the Second Temple.” Pages 221-51 in The Book of Jerusalem. Edited by M. Avi-Yonah. Jerusalem, 1956. [Hebrew]

Note also two biographical sketches:

Menahem Stern, “In memoriam Victor A. Tcherikover,” Journal of Juristic Papyrology (1958): 9-11.

Moshe Amit, “Victor (Avigdor) Tcherikover (1894-1958)” in Hermae: Scholars and Scholarship in Papyrology II. Studi di egittologia e di papirologia 7. Pisa/Roma: Fabrizio Serra editore, 2010.


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